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Handmade Chocolates and Candies

From Bethlehem, PA

Homemade Chocolates

The passion of following one’s heart and creating a dream come true is exactly what Arlene Brockel has achieved in her handmade chocolates! To please her customers and convey HER PURE JOY in the creation of each and every cocoa delight, is her heartfelt daily commitment.

After a layoff from a non-artistic job, Arlene put common sense, education, sacrifice and hard work into a NEW REALITY in chocolate making and her personal happiness. Out of this sprang a vision that has flowered beyond imagination. She has mixed this energy into her current products and her passion to create new ones.

Now, after a decade of chocolate making at her Main Street CHOCOLATE LAB, Arlene reflects on the encouragement and insights of good friends, the invaluable feedback from her customers, and the gratitude of being able to thrive in our American democracy. Each chocolate conveys to you the opportunity to take your passion and make it happen! Arlene did - and thanks you for your loyalty and trust as you continue on this journey with her.

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